Hear the lowest bass rumbles, highest cymbals, and everything in between like never before with excellent extension across the full hearing spectrum. High quality resin-aluminum cups, durable headbands, well-supported velour ear pads by Dekoni, and a natural mid tone make this a headphone you won't want to miss.





This is a pre-order option available for those who are confident in our product and want to support our manufacturing costs and R&D operations as we finish sorting out supply chain issues and streamline production, especially in regards to the long and arduous molding and casting process for the resin cups. Shipping dates are not guaranteed, but should be fulfilled after the first batch of production ready cups is expected to be completed. Due to HungerWorksStudio flooding, this has been pushed back about a month to mid August. In the meantime, the mold has been updated with new internal bracing and revised geometry for better long term durability and production yields.




We are committed to complete order fulfilments as quickly as possible. Product photo was taken in June 2022. The final product is subject to change, as such we will keep those subscribed to the email list and social media up to date with any potential changes.


Thank you for your patronage.


  • Lightweight Resin-aluminum cast compound cups with aluminum vent cover

    50mm Paper/PET composite driver (Cone Dynamic) with enhanced extension.

    20 Ohms impedance (at 1khz)

    Dual 3.5mm connection type (mono for each cup)

    94dB per mW (expected) sensitivity (at 1khz)

    Dekoni™ Elite Velour pads with additional (detachable) jawline support.

    Padded low-clamp headband.



    1.8 meter nylon sleeved cable, 3.5mm stereo termination

    Rigid nylon padded carry case.